Food to Eat While You Are in Manali

 Food to Eat While You Are in Manali


There are many things that move a destination from being an exceptional place to a place which you can consider to revisit. From sightseeing in Manali to a comfortable stay at a budget cottage or boutique cottage, everything comes with a memorable experience. I never get tired of visiting Manali because of its culinary delight. I’ll try to list down few culinary delights of Manali that you need to be aware of if you are visiting Manali for the first time. This list is of random and agnostic dishes those are easily available around the city.

While traveling to the Manali hills, one must try the local cuisines of Manali. An appetizing grub fest of Manali will surely last in your memory for a lifetime! Here is a comprehensive list of popular foods from the region.

Red Rice

Manali is known for red rice as they are grown locally. It is widely available at the restaurants and dhabas in Manali. The red rice is nutty in flavor and can be complemented with curry dishes or fish. The red rice is generally served with a local variety of saag or kidney beans. A saag is a green leaf vegetable dish, again grown locally in Manali. This makes the cuisine a simple and delightful meal.


Don’t miss out on the traditional elaborate feast known as Dham, on your trip to Manali. The dish is usually cooked during a wedding ceremony in Himachal Pradesh, making it local cuisine of Manali. It is often accompanied with rice (or sweetened rice), curd, and curry. The Dham is served during the lunchtime which can be easily found at many local food joints.


The people of Manali love their tea; as it calms out the body by keeping it warm. It also works best to accompany conversation in the evening. The Manali has to offer a variety of tea from plain tea to masala tea with heaps of cinnamon and ginger flavor. You are ensured that you can find a tea stall in every nook corner of the hill station

Masala Omelette and Maggi

We all Indians have a love for Maggi from generations, but trust me when I say Manali Maggi, it tastes different. You can try a range of Maggi from simple Maggi to egg Maggi to vegetable Maggi. For me, they cook it best and the weather of Manali does the drill.

Don’t miss the masala omelet whether you are enjoying leisure time, strolling around the city or traveling for sightseeing at Rohtang Pass; the one thing you will never find anywhere else except Manali is masala omelet which is typically served with two slices of bread. It is an ultimate comfort food choice among many tourists including foreigners. Enjoy the warm omelet and Maggi in the chilly morning or evening!

River Trout

How can I forget to mention the famous river trout of Manali? You can find it across the best Manali cottages which are prepared with local flavors. Typically, the trout fish in served along with rice, you can also opt for bread (or as known roti). The flavor is both tangy and spicy. You can try the tandoori or grilled river trout dish at the Kullu Manali Cottages restaurants in the comfort of your Dine-in room facility.

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