My Favorite Thing to Do in Manali

My Favorite Thing to Do in Manali


The favourite things to do on my list are travelling to Manali in the world. I have travelled to Manali via both airways and roadways. Though the Buntar Airport is likely to be shut nowadays and the convenience of flying has been denied to Manali recently over the two decades.

Driving to Manali

Driving to Manali is always been an epic journey experience to enjoy the breeze weather on the run. No matter what transportation mode you choose to travel (bike, car, or bus) you will have a wonderful time travelling down to Manali. An experienced driver like me will take up to 11 hours of drive to reach the Manali city including two short breaks on the highway for refreshments. For a big family journey, you can travel by Innova car, else with a small family, you can also choose a small car like i20 like me.

Shopping on the way to Manali

While travelling to the Manali city, you may want to stop at the small stores near Bhuttico city to buy shawls. The shawls at these stores are affordable prices as well as you can expect high quality in comparison to what available in other metropolitan cities.

Buttico weaver is a renowned name in the handloom weaving specifically Shawls of Kullu and other items namely products like a pashmina, Australian yarn, and Angora yarn. The handloom is the major industry of Himachal Pradesh.

Food in Manali

Manali is way more beyond a hill station. It’s just not a traveller’s dream, it a dream destination of many foodies. The city offers amazing cafes, restaurants, and bars that cater to every need, desire, or craving of the tourist with wide options. One can find countless restaurants offering a rich variety of delicacy on their menu. Some of the popular foods available around the Manali are Chinese, Italian, Continental, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, and Thai. One of the most popular dishes is the Tibetan Momos that one should try.

Adventure in Manali

There is a huge list of reasons to visit Manali city as mentioned earlier, my favourite adventure is just to drive to Manali. You will be surprised to know that the Manali is adventure sports capital of Himachal Pradesh. Each year thousands of mountaineers visit Manali to attend basic and advance training courses organized by one of the most prestigious institutes; Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, in trekking, water sports, skiing, and mountaineering.

If you like adventure, you can hire top-quality skiing and trekking equipment by booking in advance. The institute is known for producing top quality young men and women which aspire to become guides and look for operating the varied adventure sports activity in the Himalayas.

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