Privacy Policy

UB Arcadia Cottage welcomes their prestige guest to its website and look forward to having a meaningful interaction. We respect your right to privacy. Any personal information that you share on the website as a user, like contact name, phones, address, marital status, date of birth, credit card particulars, shall be entitled to complete privacy and confidentiality.

UB Arcadia ensures the safety of your personal information which will not be disclosed, save for the sole purpose of doing intent business with you; or if required will be disclosed under the process of law.

UB Arcadia reserves all the rights to collect, analyse, and disseminate travellers behaviour on this website with a view to improve user experience on the website, under general business practice. We may hold contests or surveys as permitted by law and reserves its right to use and share the information collected.

If you have any inquiries regarding your privacy issues, please feel free to contact UB Arcadia at While we assure you that we will do our best to protect your personal information privacy and security. However, we’ll be not responsible in any manner whatsoever for misuse or any violation of users personal information by unauthorized person consequent to misemploy of services of the internet environment.

In order to secure your reservation, the site will ask you to enter your personal information to book your reservation. The information shared by the users on the website will be shared with the booking partner or via a website hosting provider.  UB Acadia will not share any personal information about the reservation.

Once you make the reservation, an email or SMS confirmation will be sent as you make the reservation online. As a result of a reservation, you will not receive unsolicited emails. We ensure that more secure encryption technology is used, for the safety of the users, To make your planning convenient, we use cookies; which allows the system to temporarily remember your travel dates and preference during each time you visit.

Cookies also allow us to track the more frequently visited pages of, which helps us to improve the site for your benefit. Cookies are not programs that will corrupt your computer or damage your files. The cookies used do not reveal your personal identity, nor can they capture personal or private data. Our cookies automatically expire as soon as you leave our site.

While on the website, if you don’t want to accept cookies, please refer to your internet browser settings for more information. Although if you decide to accept website cookies, you may not be able to finish particular transactions.

The UB Arcadia website may contain the link to third-party sites in a form of an external link or hyperlink that will take you away from those may or may not be ou travel partners. UB Arcadia is not responsible for the privacy practice or content of these websites. You may read the terms of use and privacy statement of these websites carefully before taking any service of these third-party sites.