Manu Temple

The Manu Temple is the most famous tourist attraction in Old Manali, 3 km away from Manali Mall Road. The temple is surrounded by lush green forest and stands tall on the glorious banks of Beas River. The trek to the temple is in itself is an experience worth exploring. The temple was built centuries ago and dedicated to the creator of the human race of the world, an Indian Sage Manu. He was also renowned for writing Manusmriti. The sage dewelled and mediated for years at the temple.

The Manu Temple has a great religious and historic significance. Travelers around the world visit Manu temple to intricate scriptures those can be seen on the temple wall and pillars while offering a scenic view of the town and valley. There is a peaceful and beautiful environment which makes your soul relaxed. There are ample of boutique hotels nearby those suitable for all budget travelers. Since its immemorial, the temple has remained as a significant shrine in Manali.