Vashisht Temple & Hot Spring


The Vashisht Temple and Hot Spring are located around 6 km away from Manali town (Kullu district), situated elegantly above the glorious Beas River. The village Vashisht is renowned all around the world because of the commonly found hot springs here. The hot water spring emerged due to deposits of granitic that large segmented areas of the Himalayas. The water kund or known as the pond is situated at the center of the village. The entire region is of the hot water spring is surrounded by the lush greenery all around the year.

The temperature of the water varies between 110°F to 123°F. It’s the largest source of water among various other tourist places around Manali. More than 2,500 people visit the Vashisht hot spring every day to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a dip in the tank. The hot spring has a separate one water tank reserved for women. The water in the tank holds medical effects that are believed to cure several diseases related to skin. The area is enclosed by hundreds of small vendors, selling religious merchandise and souvenirs for travelers.